Headphone Repairs

What's your postal address?

All headphones are to be posted to our workshop in Coventry, England. The address is as follows;

18 Allesley Croft
United Kingdom

Please do not send your headphones without filling in our form click here > or speaking to us.

What type of repairs do you do?

We focus on Beats by Dre headphones. In the links below are lists of our most common repairs. First you'll need to identify which model of headphones you have, then view the list of common faults. If your fault or model of headphone isn't included, then you may want to get in touch with us before sending them off.

Red Button Beats by Dre Solo (includes both HD and non-HD)
Red Button Beats by Dre Studio
Red Button Beats by Dre Wireless
Red Button Beats by Dre Pro (includes Detox)

How much will it cost?

Our average, repairs costs between £25 - £50, depending on the fault and the time and parts needed for repair. For further information, view our list of common faults >. If that doesn't help, you can send us the details of your fault here >Before performing any repair, we will contact you to get your authorization for the price.

How and when do I pay?

When we've received your headphones, you will be sent an online payment link in order to make a secure online payment. All you need is a credit or debit card.

Will the repair void my warranty?

First, always contact your headphone supplier about warranty work. For non-warranty work, such as user damage from sitting on them, then we can help. Our repair work shouldn’t void your warranty, but we advise always checking with the original manufacturer or retailer first. 

What will my headphones look like after they are repaired?

The large majority of repairs will look exactly the same, or better due to the new parts used. However, in the event of having to use a second hand or an equivalent part (grey instead of black for example), the customer will be made aware beforehand.

How long will the repair take? 

Standard repairs are normally done within 2 weeks after payment. If you're in a hurry, we can fast track your repair for an additional £10.

I live in France/USA/Netherlands. Will you repair my headphones?

Yes, we reguarly do international repairs. So, no matter what continent you're in you can have your headphones repaired.